Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 35

There has been a lot lot lot on my mind recently. This summer I am going to do nothing but work on my portfolio, work, and hangout. I have been looking online for a good pair of sandals. Sandals are a definite necessity for the summer. I want to get a dirty tan and wear the same outfit everyday; shorts and a tank top. The opportunities for adventure and experience this coming summer are enough to last a lifetime. I finally feel like myself again.

I have come up with a theme for my creative activities this summer.

Having the ability to think is quite fantastical. Our perceptions are the only thing that we can and claim to know, legitimately. Existence is experience. Experience is independent. Having the capability to know independence is one of the few graces of humanity. I can do and create anything I desire and claim it to be perfect because I know that it is perfect. I perceive it's perfections and imperfections, see the beauty in both, and am satisfied. The consistency of perfection, however, is lacking. How does one measure consistency? Numbers and figures can only go so far in life. The mind can focus, distort, exaggerate, simplify, process, complicate, think, learn, etc, but none of us will ever share the same experience. We CAN share the idea of something, but nothing identical. The juxtaposition of the theory and the reality create beautiful chaos in our lives. Through my work this summer, I want to express emotion through color, line, texture, and form, but still allow the subject to be physically representational of an idea or thought. I want to explore all mediums-- paint, graphite, clay, fabric, digital, whatever! I just want to do it.

So, starting the first day of summer, I am going to take this theme on at full-force.

Wish me luck.


ALSO, please fall in love with this commercial.


  1. I hope whatever you're making involves feathers.

  2. I love water balloons popping in slow motion!!!

  3. To Build a Home -- Cinematic Orchestra; absolutely beautiful.