Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 15


What a night, what a night, what a night! What started as a casual hangout with one of my greatest friends Jessabelle, watching Jurassic Park and skimming through Nylon, turned into one of those nights that you see in movies and never expect to ever experience. My friends band Making Movies opened for this really amazing band from Colombia, Aterciopelados. Jess and I end up getting photo passes to the show and with our powers combined, we managed to get some great photos of MM. Did I mention the backstage access? It was like a scene from Almost Famous. It freaking was a scene from Almost Famous. OH MY GOODNESS. What a great night.

Here is a music video for the song Rio by Aterciopelados.

You should probably check out both of these bands, befriend them, buy their music, share their music, love their music.



  1. sounds like a sweet night. link the pics!

  2. it was terrible.
    but the next night i had a dream with a giraffe too.
    this one was much better.
    it was a baby giraffe in my car and he had his cute little head out of my sun roof.