Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 66

Today, my total in the drive-thru at Dairy Queen was $6.66. If I die today, at least I managed to get a Cookie Dough Blizzard and some Fried Mushrooms.

Oh, what a week it has been! My dear '98 tan Toyota Camry (the Champagne Supernova) drove its last mile. Nearly 239,748 miles, and probably twice as many fond memories. I have inherited the family minivan. She is a '98 white Toyota Sienna that I have deemed "Miller". She was the van my family took when we drove to Cooperstown, NY for George Brett's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and has even been to Niagra Falls, Canada! She also took myself and my dear friends to Bonnaroo last summer. We have a pleasant history and will most likely have a pleasant future together.

My good friend Mollie Duvall recently returned from a geological expedition with her school and gave me a crystal she excavated from a cave down in Arkansas! She said it would bring me good luck. So far, so good :)


BTW, the new Passion Pit album, Manners, is quite fantastic.


  1. what a fun summer song.. i'll miss your camry and all the nighttime drives we took in that vessel.